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We believe:

  • That student and staff learning and growth, development of positive attitudes and respect for others and ourselves are our highest priorities.
  • That personal growth is a lifelong process.
  • That students, parents and community control the conditions for success and share in the responsibility for results.
  • In developing positive attitudes, a good work ethic and decision making skills.
  • That success in life depends on developing certain qualities – cooperation, perseverance, commitment, caring, integrity, honesty and loyalty.
  • That the quality of the board of education, administration, and staff determine the quality of instruction.
  • In meeting and challenging the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth of each individual.
  • In nurturing a positive self-concept in all individuals
  • That care and compassion towards others is essential
  • That students need to develop responsibility for their own actions and learning
  • That student learning data should drive budgetary, curriculum and instructional strategies